Why Video?

If you are wondering whether you should be considering video at your wedding, here are a few reasons that have made people glad they have:

  1. It tells the story of your wedding like no other medium can.
  2. There are many parts of a Bride’s wedding she doesn’t see like the bridesmaids walking down the aisle or the ring bearers and flower girls, or the antics going on while she was getting ready, the family and guest arriving and settling in the wedding room church.
  3. It’s something to show your children in years to come.
  4. You can show friends or relatives who couldn’t make your special day.
  5. You can put it on YouTube for free and let the world see, or make it unlisted and send out links.
  6. More people will want to see your video then trawl through a wedding album. The Wedding Album is for you and your husband. The video is for everyone.
  7. Audio on the video enhances the subsequent experience.
  8. The first dance is a priceless moment, only to be best recalled on video.
  9. The biggest regret of many Brides is that they didn’t.